What is fine art photography
Subhankar Das

What Is Fine Art Photography?

Photography is a form of art. Rather, it’s a modern form of art. Fine art photography relates to the emotions and feelings of a photographer that the photographer depicts through his or her artworks. The artist’s aesthetical values play a pivotal role in creating an artwork.

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WordPress Logo on iPad
Website Building
Subhankar Das

Step by Step Guide to Building Your Own Self-Hosted WordPress Website

Building a website by a fine art photographer may sound insane as it requires different sorts of knowledge, skill and time. But in this step by step guide, you will find that building your own self-hosted WordPress website is so interesting. Actually, photographers need a website of their own for their portfolio of artworks or an e-commerce platform for selling their artworks. This guide will help you understand the steps involved in building a self-hosted website by yourself. This article is not a detailed tutorial on WordPress installation or hosting configuration. But you will get an overall idea of building a website by yourself.

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