Subhankar Das is a fine art landscape photographer. He has always been fond of travelling since his childhood. As he grew up, he felt the urge to capture beautiful landscapes where he would travel. Once his own younger brother presented him a Canon Point-and-Shoot camera from the USA. Wherever he travelled, he carried the camera with him. But as days went on he felt the very limited functionalities of that Point-and-Shoot camera. So, in 2015 December, he bought his first DSLR Nikon D3300 as he was going to travel to Dooars, and started his venture of capturing the beauty of nature seriously. He started shooting beautiful landscapes like mountains, rivers, valleys, forests and countrysides of Bengal. He was quite happy. As days passed, he became more and more engrossed with photography and started seeing it as a form of art. He wanted to learn more about photography. He started reading books on photography compositions, camera functions, and also post-processing. He also completed some extensive courses on Lightroom and Photoshop, as he thinks Photography is fifty per cent shooting on the field and fifty per cent post-processing. In 2017, he bought his first full-frame camera Nikon D750 and started creating fine art landscape photos. He sees photography as a creative process and believes that fine art can give us happiness, optimism, sense of beauty and aesthetics that the modern world needs very badly. As a visual artist, he is always attracted by the raw beauty of nature. That is why he has chosen fine art landscape photography as his photography niche. He often travels to the remote places of India and captures the unbound beauty of mother nature, and makes the world aware of the magnificence of nature through his artworks.

His photos have already been published both in print and digital versions by several renowned national and international publications like Asian Photography Magazine, Amateur Photography Magazine(UK), Digital Photographer Magazine(UK), National Geographic Traveller India etc. Many a time, his photos have been favourite of National Geographic Editors. His photos also got acceptances in many renowned national and international photography salons. He is also invited as an honourable guest in different institutions to deliver his speech on the art of photography and display his photos there.

Artist Statement

I am a visual artist involved in fine art landscape photography. I have always been fond of travelling since my childhood and my passion of travelling has given birth to my passion for photography. I am always fascinated by the beauty of nature. The vastness, the colours, the seasons, the moods, the flora and the fauna, the sky, the rivers, the seas, the mountains and the valleys – all these fleeting beauties of nature attract me to capture them with my camera and present them to the world with my own taste of visual perception. I think camera is only a tool to capture a real world scene; it’s the artist’s vision that creates an artwork out of that real world scene with his own aesthetic sensibilities.

Nowadays, the whole world is reeling under negativity and negative emotions; people are becoming pessimistic about their future. As a visual artist, I think it’s my duty to create optimism inside people with my artistic works and make people aware of the beauty of Mother Nature by making them feel there at the scene by inculcating a sense of oneness with the artworks; as only nature and art have powers to heal us.

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