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WordPress Logo on iPad

How to Have Your Own Self-Hosted WordPress Website

Building a website by a fine art photographer may sound insane as it requires different sorts of knowledge, skill and time. But in this step by step guide, you will find that building your own self-hosted WordPress website is so interesting. Actually, photographers need a website of their own for their portfolio of artworks or an e-commerce platform for selling their artworks. This guide will help you understand the steps involved in building a self-hosted website by yourself.

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How to Improve Contrast and Colour of Your Photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic

If you want to take photography as not just a hobby and want to shoot images seriously, you must shoot in RAW. Most amateur photographers shoot in JPEG format and the possibility of high quality output of a picture is killed by them. As they shoot in JPEG, they capture the compressed data and during post-production they cannot get best of output from their pictures. So it is always recommended to shoot in RAW and process the image in a RAW processing software for some basic contrast and colour adjustments before taking the image to Photoshop for finer retouching.

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What is Fine Art Photography?

Art is long, life is short. Art is an integral part of human existence since the prehistoric period when man used to draw different figures and events on the cave walls. They used to express their explorations and emotions through their drawings on the cave walls. Since then, man has imbibed art in their life. Art never dies; it remains immortal. The artist dies but his creations remain alive in the human mind through his artworks. Even after the several years of an artist’s death, his artworks evoke the same feeling in the human mind as it did before. An artist remains alive through his artworks.

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